Blackpool Cats in Care


Welcome to Blackpool Cats in Care.

This non profit organisation was established by a trained veterinary nurse and her associate to help cats that were taken into surgeries to be euthanised when there were no physical issues - a more common occurence than would be expected.

 Please look on the Cats needing homes page...and see if you have space in your home (and your heart!) for any of the felines needing a new place to live. Please be made aware that an adoption fee is required for any animal rehomed via Blackpool Cats in Care as it enables us to continue our rescue work. There are a few questions to answer to ensure a safe home environment for the cats. To offer a permanent home to any of the cats on this site, please email:

Adoption fee for kittens is £40, cats over ten months are £30. Please be made aware, any kitten rehomed from Blackpool Cats in Care is done so on the premise that they are neutered when old enough and a follow up check will occur to ensure this is the case. All cats over the appropriate age are spayed/neutered and microchipped  before rehoming. 

Blackpool Cats in Care are desperately in need of support with some of the other aspects of rescue; foster homes for the cats and kittens they take in, fundraisers, home checkers, and people prepared to assist with transport runs to and from veterinary appointments. If you feel you can provide a safe temporary  or permanent home environment for a cat in need, or help in any of the other areas,  please contact Nicky at, or by calling 07708972217. 

We now also have a shop that urgently requires stock to help raise funds. If you have any items to donate, please drop them off at the premises -23 The Crescent, St Annes on Sea. All help is massively appreciated. Thank you for supporting Blackpool Cats in Care.  Any monetary donations can be sent by contacting Nicky on the details provided.